Catherine Caswell

Catherine is an amazing host and her farm is absolutely beautiful! She knows how to add those little touches that make both the bride/groom and guests feel welcomed and special.
— S. Barnes

For over ten years, Catherine Caswell has opened her doors to couples from all over the world and her heart to people proclaiming their love.  Her historic family home, Caswell Farm & Wedding Barn, offers an expansive, stunning, and versatile property allowing you to curate your own unique experience.  The Caswell Farm offers an original and versatile property that welcomes your vision of a perfect celebration surrounded by the Farm's authentic ambiance. Full of personality and warm country charm, Caswell farm & Wedding Barn is the perfect setting for you and your guests to enjoy your authentic Maine barn wedding.

Born from years of hosting beautiful celebrations here at Caswell farm, Catherine has built a curated full mobile bar company and delicious food catering service to help perfect the esthetic that helps make this farm magical